Plato is one of the largest manufacturers of soldering tips in the world, producing tips to fit all of the most popular soldering stations like Hakko, Weller, Pace & more! Plato has been specializing in soldering tip design and manufacturing for over 50 years, offering unparalleled advantages...

Long Life

Using a high quality Plato soldering tip increases soldering speed and decreases the total cost of manufacture.

  • Higher temperatures and high tin content solders, common in lead-free soldering processes, place additional strain on soldering iron tips.
  • The long life of a Plato soldering iron tip reduces tip changes, decreasing the total number of tips used and decreasing down time.

Rapid Heat Recovery

  • Plato soldering tips are constructed from highly conductive premium grade copper to transmit heat to the work more quickly than other brands of soldering tips.
  • Quick heat recovery enables more joints to be soldered per minute, reducing manufacturing time and costs.



Platoshear S
Extra-Strong Lead Cutter

High Precision Cutting with Superior Durability

Introducing the Platoshear S (part #170S), the innovative new lead cutter engineered to precisely trim higher gauge leads and wire without the blade nicking or dulling.
  • Cut up to 15 AWG copper wire (.06”/1.5mm)
  • Long-life blade design
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Shear cutting to reduce cutting effort
  • Spring-back action